Parkash Gears (Industrial Gear Manufacturer) Manufacturer, supplier and exporters of all kinds of industrial gears. Application Areas
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Bevel Gear
Sprocket Gear
Shaft Pinion
Bevel Pinion
Worm Gear
Double Chain Sprocket Gear
Oil Mill Machinery Gears
Rubber Mill Gears
Machine Tool Gears
Power Press Gears
Hammer Gears
Sugar Mill Gears
Flour Mill Gears
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Iron and Steel Gear Mills
Cattle Feed Mill Gears
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Parkash Gears is based in Ludhiana. The modern and industrial town of Punjab. Parkash Gears is involved in designing and producing high quality industrial gears since year 1952. We at Parkash gears, manufacture high quality gears of various size catering Oil Mill Machinery Gears, Rubber Mill Gears, Machine Tool Gears, Power Press Gears, Hammer Gears, Sugar Mill Gears, Flour Mill Gears, Rolling Mill Gears, Oil Mill Machinery Gears, Iron and Steel Gears Mills, Cattle Feed Mill Gears.

We specialize in manufacturing customised and standard gears for our various clients. We manufacture all gears like - Spur Gears (Spur gears, Helical gears), Bevel Gears (Straight gears, Helical gears, Spiral gears), Sprocket Gears (sprocket gears), Pinion (Spur gears, helical gears), Shaft Pinion (shaft pinion), Double Chain Sprocket Gears (double chain sprocket gears), Bevel Pinion (bevel pinion), Worm Gear (worm gear), Other Items (worm gear, collar).
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    Worm Gear

    Gears are used for two basic purposes: increase or decrease of rotation speed and increase or decrease of power or torque. Torque is a measure of a force to produce torsion and rotation about an axis. To increase speed and reduce torque a large drive gear is coupled to a smaller driven gear. To reduce speed and increase torque a small Lego gear turning a larger gear is used. They are also used for enhancement for positioning systems.
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